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The marketing target

Since Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. produces a highly performing product of high technical standard, the company aims at supplying customers that are looking for quality and excellence despite the product needed to bottle. Our reference sectors are really different:
Wine, oil, spirits are the traditional ones, thanks to which GAI confirmed its strength and image.
During the last years new products have been added to the list. First of all beer, and brand new products like aloe and coffee.
The company is able to customize the machine according to the customer needs. Indeed, we were contacted by a company that ordered us a machine to bottle aloe. We are also designing a labelling machine for coffee cans for the French market.
On the one hand, where we recognize quality we are honored and proud of taking care of the construction of "original" machines that do not belongs to our builders' tradition.
On the other hand, the companies keep in contact with Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. because they believe in us and know that we can face challenges and explore new avenues.
We would like to highlight the sales increase from micro-breweries purchases, that are still bound to the idea of craft production and where there is still the search for a "quality" product, the unpasteurized beer.
To deal with the increasing demand in this market sector, Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. designed a variety of machines for the bottling of beer.
Nowadays beer is no more an experiment for Gai Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. or a turnover niche: one third of our turnover regards monoblocs for this market area, mainly delivered to the U.S.A.
Obviously, GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. considers the wine sector crucially important in terms of business. Moreover it perfectly reflects the territorial roots of the company. In Piedmont and the whole Italy there is a large number of fine wine producers, which are our reference target. Wine and its organoleptic qualities, its prestige, its history mean a lot to the tradition of our country. Clearly, the same considerations apply to another excellent wine market: the French one. France is the world's largest wine producer and GAI Macchine Imbottigliatrici S.p.a. has a permanent headquarter in Provence in order to take care of several French costumers.


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